House Plan 6005 | Executive Home

Conceptual house plan 6005 is an executive home with nearly 4,000 square feet.

Conceptual Design 6005 is an executive home plan and a larger version of The Blarney Plan 1424. The exterior features traditional farmhouse gables and a mix of brick and siding. Metal roof accents and cupolas enhance curb-appeal.

Front elevation of conceptual house plan 6005.

Rear elevation of conceptual house plan 6005.

Conceptual House Plan 6005

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The foyer entry is instantly impressive with a curved staircase and built-in display shelves. A coffered ceiling tops the great room and double doors open to a rear porch. The kitchen centers around an island and the adjoining dining room enjoys decorative wooden beams on the ceiling. A spacious pantry is just steps away. Flexible space on the first-floor functions as an office, den, or library and a powder room is adjacent. The three-car garage opens to a mud room with a built-in bench and cubbies and the family studio is just steps away with a laundry sink, a built-in desk, and abundant cabinetry. The master suite is a private wing and features a vaulted ceiling with decorative beams, a massive walk-in closet, and a luxury bathroom with a double sink vanity, walk-in shower, and a freestanding bathtub. A second master suite on the first floor is perfect for in-laws or guests.First floor of conceptual house plan 6005.
Upstairs, three bedrooms each have a walk-in closet and one has a private bathroom while a shared bathroom is available to the other rooms. Sliding barn doors open to a media/game room and a bonus room provides optional square footage. Second floor plan of conceptual house plan 6005.

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15 comments on "House Plan 6005 | Executive Home"

    • Hannah on May 10, 2019 - 3:44PM
      Hello! I *really* love this plan. It would be nice to see an option without the "master guest" room, and a slightly larger dining area. Perhaps a slightly bigger pantry, too. But otherwise, perfect! If we wanted to pursue these changes and possibly see all exterior elevations, and potentially purchase this plan, how could we make it happen?
      • Echo on May 10, 2019 - 4:46PM

        Hi, Hannah! Thank you for your feedback. Contact us to order this plan and to find out how to submit your modification request. - 1-800-388-7580! We have only created the front and rear elevations at this point but we can provide you with more detailed information once we are further along in the design process.

        • Hannah on May 13, 2019 - 8:23AM
          Wonderful! Thanks!
    • Deb Dietz on March 26, 2019 - 9:07PM
      Love the 1st floor for a 2 bedroom 2 1/2 bath house!
      • Echo Jones on March 27, 2019 - 8:13AM
        Thank you, Deb!
    • Katharine W. Flanders on February 20, 2019 - 5:01PM
      I love this plan. It is closest to what we are needing of any plans we have reviewed. May I make a couple of suggestions? The W/D needs to be on a different wall or the entry door to the "Family Studio" needs to move. Maybe swap orientation with the cubby bench? As it stands, anyone entering the "Family Studio" while laundry is being done will highly inconvenience the person standing at the business end of the W/D. The W/D needs to be located away from the traffic flow of any this case, the door way. Next, have you considered a French pocket door (to close off the Foyer) that slides into the "Mice Detour" (that's how it reads to me...but I may not be reading that correctly). The reason for closing off the Foyer is two fold: 1., noise mitigation for upstairs guests; 2., downstairs heat retention in the colder months. We have an open staircase in our current home and it's just a chimney for heat: suffocatingly warm upstairs, chilly downstairs.
      • Echo Jones on February 22, 2019 - 1:36PM
        Thank you for the thoughtful feedback, Katharine!
    • Susan on February 12, 2019 - 12:00PM
      Doesn't anyone else find the idea of putting the toilet in a room with a door and no sink kind of gross? I've built three custom homes, and each time I've have had to veto that idea with the architect. Additionally, it's very difficult to properly clean around a toilet when the walls are so close.
      • Echo Jones on February 14, 2019 - 8:13AM
        Thanks for the feedback, Susan!
    • Susan on February 06, 2019 - 8:18PM
      I really like this plan as we could turn the media/game room into a bunk room & bath. (Vacation house needing lots of sleeping/storage space.) The only problem is that we require a sound buffer between the master and the great room, the study, the master bath or the master closet -- anything that isolates the master from noise.
      • Echo Jones on February 08, 2019 - 4:09PM
        Thank you for the feedback, Susan!
    • Rolayne Venator on January 31, 2019 - 3:27PM
      I love this house plan. The idea of the family studio is genius, and I have never seen anything like it among the gazillion house plans I've looked at. H
      • Echo Jones on February 01, 2019 - 8:48AM
        Thank you, Rolayne!
    • JA on January 19, 2019 - 10:28PM
      We love the adjustments to the Blarney in this plan. Our problem is that the alterations have made it too wide for our lot. Is it possible to add the 2nd floor media room and first floor master like in this plan to the Blarney? Also, do you have a similar floor plan as this but with a garage that projects forward from the house and side loads. Our lot is a pie lot so it would be easier to pull in a car to the garage if its entry was side loading but in the front of the house (Like an "L"). it would also fit better on the lot. I hope that makes sense.
      • Echo Jones on January 25, 2019 - 10:35AM
        Hi JA! Thank you for your feedback on this design! It is very likely that our designers can assist with the changes that you mentioned. Since Design 6005 is still in the conceptual phase and has not been selected for completion at this time, it would be much quicker to request modifications to The Blarney and make sure to mention the features that you prefer from Design 6005. Especially since you need the floor plan to be more narrow. If you are interest in purchasing Design 6005 with modifications, contact our customer service team to learn about that process - 1-800-388-7580.

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