House Plans in Progress

All Designs-in-Progress House Plans can be purchased today!

Click here for more details and how to order!

Step 1: Select a Design-In-Progress house plan from our "House Plans on the Drawing Board"

Step 2: Call 1-800-388-7580 and and let the Customer Service Representative know the plan number you are interested in purchasing.

Step 3: You will be provided with the estimated completion date for the conceptual house plan you are wanting to purchase. Provided the completion date is acceptable, you will then place a 50% non-refundable deposit on the purchase of the plan.

Step 4: You will be contacted by one of our Customer Service Representatives when your plan has been finished, at which point the 50% balance will be paid and your plan will be shipped via your preferred delivery method.
PLEASE NOTE: Designs-in-Progress House Plans can take up to 14 weeks for completion. Contact us at 800-388-7580 to learn the targeted completion date and place your order for any of the house plans below.

Designs-In-Progress under 1800 Sq. Ft.

Designs-In-Progress 1801 to 2200 Sq. Ft.

Designs-In-Progress 2201 to 2600 Sq. Ft.

Designs-In-Progress 2601 to 3000 Sq. Ft.

Designs-In-Progress Over 3001 Sq. Ft.

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