Alley Entry Garage

Alley Entry Garage House Plans

Corner lots, narrow lo...some home lots just don't have lots of space. If you're planning to build a new custom home in a narrow space or tight fit, or if you're looking to maximize interior space, you may be better served with an alley entry garage.

Donald A. Gardner Architects has a variety of home plans with alley entry garages to choose from - explore below!

What's the Difference?

The biggest difference is alley entry garage house plans are situated in the rear of the home. What is considered the front entrance of the home is on the opposite side from where the garage is, or else to one side or the other. The door inside typically isn't adjacent to the foyer, and sometimes would even be attached to the basement.

Who Benefits From an Alley Entry Garage?

It's a great feature for anyone comfortable with multiple stories. When you build up rather than out, you get more space to live without taking up a larger footprint. It's an excellent option in dense neighborhoods, coastal communities, and other areas with narrow house lots. Houses on hills also can make the most of a steep situation with an alley entry garage.

Alley Entry Garage

What Home Plans Have an Alley Entry Garage?

For a closer look at the kind of home plans that use an alley entry garage, The Sassafras home plan is a good place to start. This narrow coastal house plan features two stories, including colonial styled columns on its two story porch. A great example of building up rather than out, The Sassafras has an alley entry garage with extra storage space attached to the rear side of the home.

View The Sassafras here.

If you've got more space on your lot for a dream home, take a look at The Sorenson house plan. A charming Craftsman home offers a brilliant open concept layout inside a metal, brick and shake exterior. The alley entry garage on this home sits adjacent to a side porch - one of three porches total. A bonus room takes you upstairs, but this is a primarily one-story home with loads of features and functionality.

Click here to read more about The Sorenson home plan.

Alley Entry Garage

If you want an excellent example of both available space and making the most of the space available, look no further than the Amelia home plan. This narrow-lot home plan uses a hillside foundation with a basement-attached alley entry garage to its full potential. The main floor boasts an open concept within an optimized rectangle footprint. With additional rooms on a second floor and an elevator to navigate up and down, no family could go wrong building the Amelia.

Explore The Amelia house plan here.

You can search Donald A. Gardner Architects' customizable home plans to find the home of your dreams...and, of course, if you don't see what you need in our home plans on this site, contact us about modifications!

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