Basement Garage Floor Plans

A garage below the house is practical for many situations. Read about the benefits and who should consider a basement garage here.

Basement Garage Floor Plans

What is a Basement Garage?

A basement garage is an unusual thing. This style puts the garage beneath the first floor of a home, either detached or as part of a walkout basement. Although it's not the most common configuration in the nation, it's a very practical solution for many situations.

Building with a basement garage floor plan on a narrow lot, for example, solves a square footage question. It's also handy if your lot is on a steep hill or sloped beach.

Who Is a Basement Garage Best For?

A basement garage is excellent for anyone looking to maximize the space they occupy by building up rather than out.

Aging couples, families with toddlers, or anyone with bad knees may opt for an elevator to get safely from floor to floor.

Custom Homes with Basement Garage Floor Plans

Donald A. Gardner offers different home styles and plans that are customizable to your family's needs.

The Pelham Ridge is a charming, comfortable home with an open plan on the first floor, and an additional room in the basement. Attached to the basement room is the basement garage, as well as some additional storage space.

Click here to learn more about the Pelham Ridge floor plan.

Basement Garage Floor Plans

The Amelia is a great example of a narrow floor plan that fits on a narrow lot. The basement garage enters from the rear side of the house. The plan includes an elevator for easier access to the first and second floors. It's especially handy for carrying in groceries or small kids.

Click here to view the Amelia house plan.

Basement Garage Floor Plans

The Bayswater is another good example to explore. This compact waterfront home plan comes with what is referred to as an island basement, which is essentially a garage at the lowest level of the home. This plan also comes with an elevator for easy access to the garage.

Click here to explore the Bayswater home plan.

Can Any Custom House Have a Basement Garage?

Not all floor plans are able to support a basement garage. If you would like to discuss the possibility of a basement garage on a floor plan you saw elsewhere in our portfolio, please feel free to reach out to us and ask! We may be able to make modifications to include this advantageous feature.

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