Cottage Home Plans

Cottage House Plans

Rustic Yet Modern Cottage House Plans

The word cottage has somewhat of a storybook reputation. Most folks only have experiences with cottages in nursery rhymes and kids' fables.

But cottages are real, and they are splendid. Cottages can be used in a variety of ways. They can be a vacation home in a quiet locale. They can be the perfect downsizing option for retirees whose kids have grown and moved out.

They come in many different sizes and shapes as well. They can be spacious, rambling homes or they can be cozy, compact domiciles.

But if a cottage only exists in your dreams, then perhaps it's time to explore some real world cottages. Donald A. Gardner Architects has a wide selection of cottage house plans to pick from, each suited to its own ideal home customer.

Cottage House Plans

Who is a Good Cottage Candidate?

Again, cottages can suit many different people at many different points in their life. Our house plans have a variety of unique and shared features, and we can find something for any family, couple, or individual.

For example, there's the Runnymeade house plan, a European-style cottage floor plan with a handsome stone entrance and copper roofing. It's designed for a smaller footprint, but contains ample space on the inside. Privacy stays assured with bedroom layout despite its economy of space. The smaller footprint allows greater space for the porch, patio, and outdoor fireplace. This floor plan is great for families with a couple kids who enjoy outdoor entertaining all year round.

Click here to view the Runnymeade floor plan.

For larger families who need more space but want to retain the rustic feel of a cottage, the Brielle provides both. Impressive space for entertaining meets a comfortably close, centrally-located kitchen in this two-story Craftsman. This cottage home plan has plenty of interior space and features for extra storage (such as walk-in closets in the second-floor bedrooms.)

Click here to read more about the Brielle home plan.

Cottage House Plans

Benefits of Cottage House Plans

The best part of building a new cottage with one of our plans is the combination of old-fashioned charm and modern amenities. You can feel out of time in your home, but you won't be disconnected from the outside world unless you choose to be!

Style is another big benefit. With a cottage style home, you can retain the rustic look and feel without sacrificing space. In addition to actual square footage, our layouts are specifically designed to feel large on the inside. Efficiency is key in these cottage plans, and they are planned for aesthetics.

Each new home is energy efficient and built to exacting standards. Just because it's old fashioned in nature, that doesn't mean you have to worry about air conditioning escaping or heat building up!

Our cottage floor plans all offer a lot of value and practicality, and they are all big on style. Whether you prefer European or American elements to lead the vision, you can find the type of cottage you're looking for.

Cottage House Plans

Get Started Now

It's time to rethink what a cottage can be. Give some thought to where you can build one, and what you and your family can do there.

Please feel free to explore all our great cottage house plans below, and bookmark your favorites. You may compare side by side, and share links across devices to keep conversations flowing. When it's time to take the next step toward building your own dream cottage, contact Donald A. Gardner Architects and we'll walk you through the process.

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