Country House Plans

Our modern country house plans bring traditional country home style elements along with modern amenities and conveniences. Find country house plans here.

Country House Plans

Modern Country House Plans

Country style doesn't have to mean "old" - on the contrary, traditional home plan styling can include everything a modern day family needs and more.

Our modern country house plans offer lots of traditional country home style elements, including:

  • Spacious porches
  • Shallow-breaking roofs
  • Dormers
  • Traditional American exterior styling

They also include contemporary conveniences, modern appliances, and available future-friendly technology for efficiency and cost savings throughout the years.

Despite the name, these homes actually fit anywhere - in the country, in the city, it doesn't matter. With a look that pulls up images of traditional Americana, these homes provide everything a family could need.

The Modern Difference

Some people have an adverse reaction to the phrase "country home" - not without good reason. Older country homes were built for their era, and their era called for things like:

  • Small, boxy, compact quarters
  • Few windows
  • Small windows

But modern times call for solutions to these common pain points. That's why our modern country home floor plans all include:

  • Efficient, open layout for a spacious feel in any size home
  • Large windows
  • Lots of natural lighting
  • Modern electrical wiring and energy efficiency

We understand that today we enjoy things like smartphones and electric kitchen appliances. We also understand that comfort still matters as much as it ever did. That's why we lean into the more popular, more useful elements to keep living easy, while maintaining a visual appeal that makes a family feel welcome in their own neighborhood. We are visual creatures, and what we see defines to a large extent how we feel about a home.

Country House Plans

What Kinds of House Plans Offer Country Style Elements?

What do our country house plans look like? We have many varieties to look through. Some that we recommend include:

The Oxley - For young or small families, this modest country-style cottage gives a cozy and quaint visual appeal while providing a spacious, open concept interior to maximize the available square footage. The centrally-located great room offers a vaulted ceiling and balcony above, with an open kitchen area and single dining room. Complete with three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, the Oxley offers a roomy feel with an antique charm.

Click here to learn more about the Oxley country house plan.

Country House Plans

The Napier - For a single-story option, families would also do well to look at this three-bedroom, three-bathroom country house plan. With a mixed exterior and open concept interior, including a large open kitchen with a three-quarter island, the Napier feels grander on the inside than its deceptively humble appearance forebears. Packed with charm and class, this is a great option for any American family.

Explore the Napier house plan here.

The Hollyhock - for larger families looking for extra sophistication in a country style home, look no further than the Hollyhock. An expansive wraparound porch hugs the front entrance, leading then to a foyer with a cathedral ceiling to complete the impressive first moments. Inside you'll find a large kitchen with a central island, a vaulted ceiling and indoor balcony over the great room, and a formal dining room as well as an open breakfast nook for a cozier, more informal setting. With tons of open space and a long list of finer touches, this country home plan has everything for the modern family.

If you're looking for a country style house plan, please browse our available plans. If you're interested in the style but don't see the exact plan you like, we still urge you to reach out to us - our design department should be able to help you out!

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