Courtyard Entry Garage

If you're looking at home plans, chances are you're thinking about curb appeal. Magnify the home's curb appeal with a courtyard entry garage!

Courtyard Entry Garage

Courtyard Entry Garage House Plans

If you're looking at home plans, chances are you're thinking about curb appeal – whether you realize it or not. Curb appeal may or may not be top priority in building a custom new home, but at the very least, it exists on a subconscious level. People are people, after all. We all decide if we like the way a house looks when we stand outside and stare at it.

And that's a good thing. When you're considering various house floor plans for your own future home, you should absolutely consider the way it will look from the outside. After all, that's what you'll drive home to every day.

One thing that magnifies a home's curb appeal in a huge way is a courtyard entry garage. A courtyard driveway is an impressive site, and a garage designed to accommodate it brings a unifying element to the overall exterior look of the entire home.

Impress Your Guests with a Courtyard Entry Garage

Anyone looking to impress every guest, starting from the moment they arrive, should consider a courtyard driveway with a courtyard entry garage to complete the picture.

You've Got Options

You can choose your styles from a variety of decorative trim work, dormers, or gables. And with a custom garage door and proper lighting, your garage can be as powerful a component of the home's curb appeal as the front door. The options are plentiful, and you'll have no trouble making yours bring out the very best in your new home.

A courtyard entry garage is separated from the rest of the floor plan, allowing for it to be either angled or straight, which brings more convenience to anyone parking a car there after driving up a courtyard driveway. There's no loss of functionality to this form!

Courtyard Entry Garage

What Kinds of House Plans Go With a Courtyard Entry Garage?

We've got dozens of new house floor plans to show off your courtyard entry garage. The Ridley house plan is an excellent example. One of our more popular ranch house plans, this one-story home comes complete with everything a family could want to entertain, including an open kitchen, pantry, and wet bar. Walk-in closets complete the feeling of accommodation. The courtyard entry garage sits on the side, opening toward the front entrance but connected to a hallway leading to a bedroom/study. It's a guest-friendly house plan inside and out.

Click here to view The Ridley house plan.

Courtyard Entry Garage

If you need more space on a smaller sized lot, take a look at The Mahoney house plan. It's a two story cottage with an attractive courtyard driveway and the same options for a courtyard entry garage. The garage leads inside to a side hallway and a large utility space, perfect for coming, going, or storage.

Read more about the Mahoney home plan here.

If true old-world elegance is what you're after, try exploring the Cedar Court house plan. The courtyard driveway leads up to a stucco-and-stone exterior with a porch and front entry way nestled across from the opening of an expansive three-car courtyard entry garage. The garage here also connects to the side and leads to an oversized utility closet. Inside, the house expands in all directions to form a magnificent walkout-basement home of charm, beauty and functionality.

Explore the Cedar Court home plan here.

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