Modern House Plan

"Modern homes" means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but at Don Gardner Architects, it always means clever, attractive, functional house plans!

Modern House Plans

Modern House Plans

"Modern homes" means many different things to many different people. That's because it doesn't describe a specific style - it describes a philosophy of architectural form and function. And like the broader American culture itself, what's "modern" in architecture changes with each generation.

If you're looking at modern house plans for your family's next home, you've come to the right place. Our modern home plans are popular with families of all sizes and ages. This is partly because we have such a wide range of modern home styles and sizes.

A Balance of Timeliness and Timelessness

What sets Donald A. Gardner Architects apart from other modern home architects is our focus on living. How you live determines what kind of home you should get - not the other way around.

We recognize that style matters in every aspect of the design. So we incorporate modern conveniences and modern technology with styles that stretch back to styles that other architects abandoned long ago.

We offer modern country homes, modern farmhouses, modern cottages, and modern beach houses. We have features and concepts you could only find in a modern home because they hadn't been thought of a century ago.

Modern vs. "Modern"

What our homes are NOT is Mid-Century Modern, a specific style from the middle of last century. It flourished as a trend in architecture and interior design, hallmarked by minimal lines and a “box-with-windows" kind of approach. While still popular with a niche audience today, we ultimately moved on as a society due to its limitations.

Rather than adhere to the strict design laws that governed Mid-Century Modern, we offer styles that American families continue to appreciate with updates and improvements on the originals. We also ensure that as time goes by, if you need to update something, you will be able to do so.

Modern House Plans

Which House Plans Are Modern House Plans?

Donald A. Gardner Architects offers a range of modern home plans to explore. Among our favorites are:

The Clearlake - here is a modern Craftsman home with unique styling features and exciting interior elements. This 3-bedroom modern home plan features an open concept great room, dining area and kitchen underneath a tall vaulted ceiling. Porch space abounds beneath attractive exterior accents like its low-slung gables and unique clerestory. Inside, extra touches like a highly functional utility room and pocket office provide the usefulness that a busy family requires in our modern age.

Learn more about the Clearlake here.

Modern House Plans

The Bridgette - this tall two-story modern home gives families tons of room not only through extra square footage on a deceptively narrow footprint but through clever layout for maximum elbow room inside. Two full stories of sophisticated modern design are sure to fulfill every need.

See all the features of the Bridgette here.

With an incredible range of styles and choices, there's something for every family in our selection of modern house plans below. Please feel free to explore what you find, and when you select a few favorites, call Donald A. Gardner Architects to take the next step!

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