Open Concept Floor Plans

Read why open concept floor plans in modern homes are easily the most popular choice for families far and wide, and find a plan for your own dream home!

Open Concept Floor Plans

Extremely Popular Open Concept Floor Plan Houses

The world's most popular new home floor plan by far is the open concept plan.

An open floor plan creates a home that is open, adaptable, and prevents obstruction of the flow of traffic. The openness at its very core is beloved by families of all sizes thanks to the freedom and connection provided within closed walls.

What Defines Open Concept Floor Plans?

You've heard of open floor plans in both homes and businesses, but what does that really mean?

The defining feature of open concept floor plans is the breakdown of walls. Spaces in the home such as kitchen, dining room, and living area can be combined by removing or reducing wall barriers.

The ability to see into other rooms keeps families connected in daily routines, keeps air fresh and flowing, and keeps a design aesthetic consistent. All of these things help reduce stress and bring families closer together.

They also have the benefit of feeling much larger than they actually are. Homes with open floor plans give you a sense of the floor plan and its multiple rooms at once, rather than one single room at a time.

What Kinds of Families Opt for Open Concept Floor Plans?

As mentioned, open concept floor plans are the most popular these days, so literally any kind of family can appreciate them. They come in all sizes and shapes, with a huge variety of modern amenities available.

Young families looking to grow tend to prefer open floor plans because they offer space to move and play. Older families with children grown and moved out, looking to downsize, love open floor plans because they give the same sense of grandeur while being smaller and more manageable.

Individual rooms are of course still their own private space, but the open living area shared by all becomes seemingly larger thanks to the absence of walls. So anyone who appreciates both privacy and communal time can definitely see the benefits in an open floor plan house.

With Donald A. Gardner's open concept home plans, benefits are indeed plentiful. Depending on your tastes, those may include:

  • A sense of bigger size
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • More space for specific features like fireplaces and chandeliers
  • A truly modern design in a comforting layout

…And much more.

Open Concept Floor Plans

If you're looking for a starter home, The Blakely is an excellent option. A modest home at 1,399 sq. ft., this open floor plan feels big. The vaulted ceiling and combined communal areas create a very free center of the house, and there's still room in the footprint for three bedrooms, two porches and some walk-in closets and additional storage. There's even an option for a bonus room with attic storage.

Click here to explore the Blakely open floor plan house.

Or, for older, larger families, more actual square footage and more rooms are often needed. The Drake accommodates big families exceptionally well inside a handsome Craftsman exterior. This 2,494 sq. ft. home offers three good sized bedrooms, each with their own walk-in closet. The kitchen counter overlooks the adjacent great room beneath a high cathedral ceiling, giving the middle of this house a very large feel. Multiple porches (including one screened porch, with space for grill) ensure that inside or out, all family members have a spot to feel at home and share in the fun.

Click here to learn more about the Drake open floor plan home.

Ready to Get Started With an Open Concept Floor Plan?

If you're interested in maximizing interior space with open floor plans, please browse our open concept plans. When you have an idea of what you want, you can reach out to Donald A. Gardner Architects and we can help you settle on the best option for you and your family. If you don't see exactly what you like from these choices, we can still help. Our modifications department can make adjustments to a plan to make it as open as you'd like!

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