Oversized Utility Room

More and more, functional utility space for laundry and other things is an essential element, not just a bonus. Read about oversized utility rooms in our house plans.

Oversized Utility Room

House Plans with an Oversized Utility Room

A place for your washing machine is no longer a luxury when buying a new home. More than ever, space for laundry and other things is an essential element, not just a bonus.

The laundry room isn't just a place for machines. It's a place for humans, too. That means not only putting clothes into the machines, it means pulling them back out. It means folding, stacking, steaming, ironing, and hanging the clothes.

With our oversized utility rooms from Donald A. Gardner Architects, it also means a place to work on additional crafts and projects. It brings a new level of living to every new home.

Oversized Utility Room

Who Could Use an Oversized Utility Room?

Every parent knows just how many clothes kids get dirty, and how fast. And with more kids, it can feel like that amount increases exponentially.

Picture your current laundry room, if you've got one.

Now picture having the counterspace and elbow room to do it all in comfort and with greater efficiency.

Sound like a dream come true? It may not be the most glamorous dream ever, but we have seen more and more growing families jump at the chance to include an oversized utility room in their new home. That's because its functionality exceeds even the highest expectations.

The Benefits of an Oversized Utility Room

The obvious key benefit is more space. You'll have more counterspace for doing more.

In addition to simply having more space for laundry facilities, there's also more storage in a cleverer layout of cabinets and closets. So as you do more, you'll also be able to put away more.

Oversized Utility Room

Which House Plans have an Oversized Utility Room?

Explore below to see our wide range of new home styles and sizes with oversized utility rooms. We'd recommend starting with The Ambroise floor plan. This Craftsman home boasts a jaunty-angled courtyard entry garage, which connects to the house and immediately leads to not only the oversized utility room, but also a walk-in closet and the pantry. The open concept layout inside continues the feeling of spaciousness.

Read more about The Ambroise house plan.

For more size in all elements, there's The Drake home plan. From the extra large three car garage to the open concept kitchen overlooking the expansive great room, this house has space to spare. The oversized utility room has its own porch. There's even a bonus room upstairs with four skylights for even more space.

Click here to view The Drake house plan.

If you're unable to find a home style from the oversized utility room selections that you love, let us know. We may be able to accommodate an oversized utility room on another floor plan, courtesy of our Modifications Department! Reach out to Donald A. Gardner Architects today.

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