Raised Beach House Plans

What comes to mind when you think of beach house? Many people think one of two extremes, but our beach houses make up the middle. Read about our raised beach house plans and find one that's right for you! Donald A. Gardner has a wide variety of beach house styles and features for families of all sizes.

Raised Beach House Plans

Raised Beach House Plans

Want to live at the beach?

Most people see “sand near water" and they dream of sunsets and beach living…but then they think about the planning and the difficulty of finding a decent home near a beach and they give up.

But it's not an impossible dream. There's an easy way.

Donald A. Gardner Architects has a variety of new home floor plans, including raised beach house plans. And we have years of experience getting new home owners into their new beach homes. We can help you, too.

What Makes a Beach Home a Beach Home?

The phrase “beach home" means typically one of two things for most people. One thing is an image of a tiny getaway beach cottage, away from the rat race, enjoying the serenity of the water. The other thing is the massive, opulent, luxurious celebrity beach mansion.

But those are the two extremes of beach homes. Most actual beach homes fall in between those two.

Raised Beach House Plans

A Variety of Beach Home Styles

Not all beach homes sit directly on sand, nor do all sit upon the ground at all. Many are raised off the ground, and many are soft-story built, with a carport or garage below the living room and stairs leading up to the front entrance. This is a particularly useful style near the water, since it keeps it off the sand enough that the wind doesn't constantly blow it inside. It also helps in places where tide may affect the land below.

Donald A. Gardner Architects has a variety of raised beach house plans specifically for this. You can customize your own perfect dream home with one of these beach home plans.

There's the Palmetto, for one. This unexpectedly bright beach floor plan features a cathedral ceiling above the great room with two bedrooms upstairs. Outside, dual winged stairs lead to a complete wraparound porch above a thatched wall – perfect for any beverage, any time of day, but especially sunrise or sunset. It's a great house plan for a normal sized family. Not for lonesome hermits or glitzy billionaires, this is a perfect middle sized beach home.

Click here to learn more about the Palmetto.

Equally charming and modest is the Sunburst, a slim one-story beach house plan that fits into any water-situated neighborhood with narrow lots. With triple gables, front and back porches, and a quartet of bay windows, the Sunburst is an optimal home for waterfront properties. The master bedroom offers two walk-in closets and the two smaller bedrooms each have their own ample closet space. The entire plan sits above a two car garage with stair access to the middle of the first floor. It's a great plan for smaller families or anyone looking to downsize near a body of water.

Raised Beach House Plans

Click here to read more about the Sunburst.

Getting Started with Building Your Own Beach House

Donald A. Gardner Architects is here to provide modern beach house plans that will capture your vision perfectly. From small beach house plans and cozy beach cottage house plans to luxury beach house plans and sprawling estates, you'll find exactly what you need. What's more, you can save time and frustration on all those beach surprises by buying directly from architects with experience in custom beach homes.

Here's how to get started: browse the styles, pick a few favorites you want to learn more about, then give us a call! We're happy to help you make all the right decisions and get you started on a path to building and living in your very own beach house.

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