Small House Floor Plans

Small House Floor Plans

Small House, Big Living

Basic features, advanced technology, and modern comforts come in all sizes. People look at small house floor plans for lots of reasons. "Sacrifice" and "compromise" should never be one of them.

On the contrary - our small homes tend to have large, open living areas that make them feel larger than they are. "Small" just refers to the total area size of these floor plans. But within these smaller size limitations, we've designed creative ways to expand what people really want.

For example, small house floor plan customers may choose to go with a plan that de-emphasizes bedroom size in lieu of a much larger living room or dining area. Or, conversely, if entertaining guests is not as high a priority as personal comfort, the master bedroom may get the lion's share of square footage.

Small floor plans usually also feature a large porch or patio. When incorporated into the design, this expands the usable, livable area of the house. You can live in more space without increasing the official square footage of the house.

Creativity is the name of the game with small house floor plans from Donald A. Gardner Architects. We can help you build the perfect size home without wasting space...And without sacrificing any build quality or modern amenities. You can still have your dream kitchen, walk-in closets, and a dining room big enough for all holiday guests. And you won't break the bank to get there.

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Small House Floor Plans

Who is a Small House Plan For?

Due to the convenience they offer, our small house plans are great for a wide variety of folks from all walks of life. Our small house floor plans offer modern features that meet anyone's needs well. They just have a smaller footprint.

Retirees looking to downgrade, for example, often look at smaller plans. When their kids grow up and move out, there may be no more need for a big home with many bedrooms. But they may still want a lot of the amenities they had at their old home. Some even move into smaller homes with more modern amenities for convenience, safety, mobility, and a number of other advantages.

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Young families are also great candidates for small homes. A handful of children are still a handful, but it's no surprise that fewer children need fewer bedrooms. And when they are especially young, they may need much less bedroom space than when they are older. A small house floor plan is an excellent choice for young families who want a solid home that will later sell at higher value.

Professionals looking for efficiency and entertainment may also choose a small house plan. This may benefit location, as many professionals work in an area where land space is at a premium. A smaller footprint means more options for placement. And with a larger living area and modern comforts, it may be the perfect place to network or host events.

Small house floor plans also make excellent weekend cottage or cabin designs. Whether for full-time residence or as a vacation getaway, our small plans provide the charm you've dreamed of in the size you need.

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Small House Floor Plans

Benefits of Small House Floor Plans

Our small homes offer big value on features, amenities, and customizability. You can choose a pre-designed floor plan, and adapt it to suit your own personal lifestyle.

The most obvious advantage is that a smaller plan is more affordable. Size is the only differentiator. We still build homes with the same high quality materials, there's just less needed. We offer all the same modern features, efficiency, and guarantees as any other size home we build.

Speaking of efficiency: a smaller size home is more efficient on energy and utilities, meaning you'll enjoy lower bills the entire time you live there. With less volume to heat or cool, your climate control requires less than a larger home. Electric and gas bills are typically much lower in a home with less area. Water use may also cost less, although that depends on a number of things where size doesn't factor.

And besides normal monthly bills, you'll save money on home improvement projects. Less wall space requires less paint, less drywall, less wallpaper…Whatever your project is, you'll need to spend less money on fewer materials.

A small home's smaller footprint is more eco friendly, too. You can sleep easy knowing you're doing your part to use fewer of the planet's limited resources.

A small house is also much easier to maintain. It's quicker to clean, for one thing, and there's less space for actual clutter to accrue.

Small House Floor Plans

Explore Our Small House Floor Plans Today

Think beyond what you know a typical small house floor plan can be. Explore our exciting, innovative small house floor plans and reach out to us with any questions!

Donald A. Gardner Architects has provided high-quality small house floor plans since 1978. With our award-winning designs and flexible, honest service, we've helped families all over the world create their own custom dream homes. We can help you, too!

Get started below to find as many small house floor plans as you like, and compare them against each other. When you're ready to start speaking with an architect, contact us and we'll help you narrow down your final choice!

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