Two Story House Plans

Two Story House Plans

Twice the Area

A one-story house offers a lot. But when you need to get more square footage out of a smaller footprint on your lot, two-story house plans are your answer.

A second story is more than a mere collection of extra rooms. It's a separate space with separate purposes, connected but apart. It offers more than additional living offers additional living experiences.

What Comes With Two Story Houses?

In our two story house plans, you'll find comfortable, spacious living on the first story and quiet space for sleeping, study or alternate entertainment on the second story. With the extra floor space offered, a bedroom transcends a place to sleep. Each room has the potential for playing, reading, rehearsing, watching TV, listening to music, and much more. Modern amenities are in no short supply with Donald A. Gardner Architects' two story homes.

Creative home buyers may also include designated living spaces upstairs instead of just bedrooms. With available second-story fireplaces, comfort and luxury are never out of reach. Jack and Jill bathrooms present efficient use of space, affording families even more square footage on the same footprint.

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Benefits of Two Story House Plans

Two story house plans offer every buyer a wide range of additional options. The advantages of two stories over one story plans are well worth considering.

Of course there's the extra space. Two stories gives you twice as much house on the same footprint. When you build a home, you won't just need to consider where your house will be. You need to also consider what you want to do there.

With that in mind, flexibility is a major benefit to a two-story floor plan. You can have a master suite on the upper or lower floor. You can create multiple unique living spaces. You can provide comfort, privacy and security for those who live there while maintaining the capacity for entertaining large parties.

There's also more value in two stories. Homes with upstairs and downstairs living appreciate in overall value quite quickly. It's a sound investment for the future.

And of course, any home buying decision must factor in its style. Two stories are adaptable, functional, and come in a wide range of styles.

Two Story House Plans

Multiple Floors, Multiple Styles

Donald A. Gardner Architects has many styles available in two story configurations. Families of all sizes and ages can explore our offerings. Some we recommend are:

The Eastlake – a 3,154 sq. ft. Country-style farmhouse two-story plan, with brick exterior, twin dormers, and an expansive, columned front porch. It's perfect for big families of all ages. There are four bedrooms, a vaulted bonus room, separate breakfast and dining rooms, and porch space to spare. It makes the ideal home in any season and comes with enough storage for all holiday decorations.

Two Story House Plans

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The Courtney - a quaint 1,859 sq. ft. cottage-style house plan with an elegant tray Cathedral ceiling. The master bedroom is downstairs, and the smaller upstairs portion provides room for two extra bedrooms and a bonus room. A perfect balance between luxurious space and affordability, this two-story plan makes impressive use of spatial efficiency.

Two Story House Plans

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The Norfolk - a 2,653 sq. ft. traditional home plan with a front entry garage and open dining room. Families can enjoy secluded bedrooms upstairs and spacious comfort living downstairs. With a washer-dryer utility closet conveniently located upstairs with the bedrooms, the kitchen has room for two expansive countertops. The large, square dining room rests across from a downstairs study and adjacent to a rear outdoor porch. This unique configuration is the perfect solution for a narrow lot.

Two Story House Plans

Click here to explore the Norfolk two story house plan.

More Room On Less Area

When you want to get more square footage out of a smaller footprint on your lot, two-story house plans are the answer. But think beyond what you know a normal two-story floor plan can be. Explore our exciting, innovative two story floor plans and reach out to us with any questions!

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