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Home Design : Best Staircases For Style, Flow, and Location

Home Design - staircase of The Carrera #1178

The Carrera #1178

Staircases: Style And Flow 101 for your home design

When you are building a house, you may be surprised by some of the choices you get to make, including staircase style and location. Does your home lend itself well to a glass staircase or a wooden staircase? What about a spiraling staircase with ornate banisters leading from the main floor to the bedrooms? Or, would a more modest, hidden staircase be a better fit? Here are some tips to help you choose a home design with a staircase that will fit well.

Home Design - staircase of The Heatherstone #5016

The Heatherstone #5016

Consider Staircase Ideas That Work Best for Your Home Design

A staircase can be a simple, functional part of the home, or it can be a focal point — depending on your needs. For a large estate home, a grand circular staircase with a distinctive banister and decorative spindles can make a statement in the home, and the curving lines can be a work of modern art. In a smaller home, staircase design needs to embrace more function than art, and may even be used to hide storage underneath to maximize space. Modern staircase designs with openings between the steps can create the sense of space, while providing a contemporary look.

Home Design - staircase of The Rangemoss #1211

The Rangemoss #1211

Common Staircase Styles

The location of the staircase in your home may not be able to change much, but you can change the style to ensure it matches your home design and your tastes. For many homes, a classic wood staircase is a great choice. These staircases are easy to keep clean and complement a home with solid wood or laminate floors throughout.

Carpeted stairs are also a popular option. These are softer and blend well with carpeted homes. In some cases, a blend of carpeting and wood is an excellent choice. These staircases feature wooden stairs with a carpeted runner down the middle. This provides the softness of carpeting along with the classic look of wood.

When considering the style of your staircase, think about the type of banister and railing that fits your preferences. Some staircases will feature ornate, wooden banisters with molding to add a sense of prestige to the home design. Others will feature simple handrails that allow the staircase itself to be the focal point, or even to draw attention away from the staircase and to another important feature of the home.

Home Design - staircase of The Santerini #868

The Santerini #868

Choosing the Right Style

When deciding on the style of your staircase, you need to consider the overall style of your home. Is your home modern and sleek or classic and refined? Does ornate style define your home design, or something more streamlined? Choose a staircase style that matches.

Also, consider the maintenance and how it will fit your lifestyle. Do you prefer easy-to-clean stairs, or is the look more important to you? These designs will help you choose the right staircase style as you build your new home.

Home design - Staircase of The Merrill #1209

The Merrill #1209

Ideas for Building Around the Staircase

In addition to the staircase, consider the way in which you will use the area around the staircase. Could turning your landing into a reading nook and library work well for your family? Could a large landing be a playroom for the kids? What about storage? Could you add under-the-stairs storage to make use of an under-utilized area of the home? These ideas can make your staircase and the area around it more functional.

As you can see, with staircase design, you must consider the flow and style of your home design. If you have questions about staircase design options, contact Donald A. Gardner Architects today.

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  1. Michaela Hemsley on

    It makes sense that when you are choosing a staircase design you should take into account the overall style of your home. My husband and I are thinking about redoing the staircase of our home soon because we have updated the look of most of our house and it doesn’t really match anymore. I think it would be smart to look into what styles would look best with our current design so that it can be functional and look good in our home.

  2. Isabel on

    I simply adore this article, mostly because I am slightly in love with an eye catching sweeping staircase. There’s just something about a grand entryway filled with a decadent and twisting staircase that just sets my heart a flutter. I’ve always said to my husband that as the staircase is the main feature of most homes, and the first thing that lot of people see on entering a house, it makes sense that this should be a visual treat for the eye. It’s fantastic to read an article that not only agrees with my design choices but also proves just how fabulous they are! Keep up the fabulous articles and even more fabulous interior designing.

  3. Annika Larson on

    We are looking to have a fun and unique staircase built in our home. It’s important that we find the right company to capture the vision of what we want. These are some great examples of different styles that we can use to get some ideas. I love the look of the circular staircase, and as you said, this might work well with our large home design. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Dave on

    Hi Echo,
    Great design examples, I especially like the rolling staircase design. Anyhow, I do agree that you have to consider the overall design of your home before choosing a suitable staircase design.



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