Home ideas for making any house plan cat-friendly!

Cat-Friendly Home Ideas

Cat-Friendly Home

As a follow up to our popular dog-friendly post, we bring you some home products and ideas to make your home more welcoming to your feline friends.

Cat-Friendly Home Ideas

Modular cat climbing wall


Cats are natural climbers and it is important for your cat to be able to rest and observe its surroundings from high places. Your cat will love resting at the top of a staircase. If your in a single story home, you may install climbing boxes or ledges. – Making your home cat friendly.

Cat-Friendly Home Ideas

Water bowls

The majority of owners always provide water in the same location as the food bowl. Cats naturally hunt for food and search for water on separate occasions to satisfy either hunger or thirst. The presence of water near the food can actually deter some cats from drinking sufficient fluid, particularly if they are on a dry diet. Finding water elsewhere can be extremely rewarding. Cats like the bowl to be full to the brim so that they can lap without putting their heads down and large enough that they can drink without touching their whiskers against the sides.

Cat-Friendly Home Ideas

Hidden litter tray

Litter Trays

Litter trays are a necessary evil, absolutely essential if your cat is housebound or has limited access outdoors and highly recommended even if your cat is free to roam. The position of the litter tray is important. It should be located in a discreet corner, away from food and water, full-length windows and busy thoroughfares. For a more appealing look, place the litter tray inside of a covered box with a door for easy clean up.

Cat-Friendly Home Ideas

Scratcing Posts

Cats need to scratch to maintain their claws and mark their territory. If provisions are not made for this then cats will scratch items of furniture. You may want to offer multiple scratching post around your home.

Cat-Friendly Home Ideas - The Spotswood

Cat door from The Spotswood #1310

Kitty Door

If your cat likes his or her freedom, install a kitty door for them to be able to roam freely.


Window Perch

And a window perch is the perfect place for your cat to nap and enjoy the activity of the outdoors!

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