Ceiling Design Ideas | Vaulted, Cathedral & Coffered Ceilings

Ceiling Design Ideas — It’s Time To Get Creative!

When you’re building a home from the ground up, there are a number of important decisions to make. Everything from the type of appliances to the flooring and wall color requires a decision. One area that is easy to overlook is ceiling design, but home ceiling designs can have a large impact on how the home looks and feels.

Ceiling Design Ideas - The Carrera 1178

The Carrera 1178

Here are some ceiling design ideas and tips to help you when considering this often forgotten part of your home’s design.

Ceiling Design Ideas - The Runnymeade 1164

The Runnymeade 1164


Most people assume their ceiling will be white, but it doesn’t have to be. You can add color to your ceiling to brighten your space and give it a modern style. One attractive look blends white beams and a painted ceiling to bring in color while also keeping the white traditionally found on a ceiling.

If you love colors and patterns, you may wish to treat your ceiling like a fifth wall, adding a patterned design or wallpaper to the ceiling. Ceiling designs for bathrooms often use this look, but be sure to break up the design a bit with a solid wall between the floor and ceiling.

Ceiling Design Ideas - The Sylvan 1321-D

The Sylvan 1321-D


Ceilings are often made from finished drywall. However, you can use hardwood or faux hardwood, panels, beams and even tile. Choose a texture that matches the design of the rest of your home as you contemplate the material for your ceiling.

Ceiling Design Ideas - The Monarch Manor 5040

The Monarch Manor 5040


Finally, consider the design. In some ways, the room in which the ceiling is located is going to dictate its shape and design. Vaulted ceiling ideas work best as a ceiling design for living rooms or great rooms, while a coffered ceiling, created with a grid of beams, makes a grand statement in a formal dining room, great room or kitchen.

Ceiling treatments can be worked into ceiling designs for bathrooms to add texture and interest, without impacting the overall function of this important room. In a den or bedroom — where vaulted or cathedral ceiling ideas are less applicable — adding texture, recessed lighting, or panels and beams can give the ceiling some character.

Ceiling Design Ideas - The Runnymeade 1164

The Runnymeade 1164

Don’t be afraid to be creative with the shape of the ceiling. Home ceiling designs with arched ceilings add character and depth to the space, while cathedral ceiling ideas make rooms feel larger. Since you are building your home — from start to finish — you have the flexibility to incorporate creative ceiling design ideas like these by choosing floor plans that have them.

Ceiling Design Ideas - The Sagecrest 1226

The Sagecrest 1226

Capitalize on Lighting

Finally, incorporate lighting into the ceiling design, rather than adding it as an afterthought. Pendant lights that shine up to the ceiling can accent a design element, while recessed lighting can be worked into the design as well. Wood ceiling ideas often incorporate hidden lighting that shines out from beams to add a warm glow to the room.

As you can see, your ceiling can be a place for creativity in your home. If you are looking for a home floor plan that incorporates creative ceiling designs, browse the available floor plans from Donald A. Gardner Architects.

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