Dream Homes – Cable Railings for Decks and Indoors

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Ease of Installation and Versatility of Cable Rail for Dream Homes

Dream Homes with Feeney Deck Railing installed

Beach House Plan with Feeney Deck Railing installed

A question and answer session with Andrew Penny, vice president of marketing and advertising, at Feeney, Inc.

Q: With custom home builders, remodelers and contractors who have designated business models based on moving from one project to the next in a timely but proficient manner, what are the most important characteristics of a home and building product?

A: Versatility, ease of installation, and durability are the most important characteristics of a specified home and building product. Time is money, and we know custom home builders, remodelers and contractors do their very best to complete projects as quickly and efficiently as possible and reduce the need for future call backs after completion. It’s a manufacturer’s job to help its customers with all these requirements. Our products are manufactured with high-quality materials and workmanship, and are designed to install quickly and easily into a wide variety of looks and installation conditions.

Q: Feeney’s CableRail is well known in the decking industry; what is it that makes the product’s “versatility” so popular among remodelers, custom home builders and contractors?

A: Our CableRail can be used in a wide range of applications; interior, exterior, residential, or commercial and can be installed on new or existing wood or metal railings. No matter what type of CableRail installation is required, we can make it work with our standard assemblies, Quick-Connect line of fittings, or completely custom assemblies. The biggest reason for the popularity of CableRail, though, is that it blends seamlessly with any style architecture, from traditional to contemporary. It lets the surroundings, whether it’s a great view or interior design, take center stage.

Dream Homes with Feeney Deck Railing


Q:  Can CableRail be used for non-deck projects as well?

A: Absolutely, CableRail is fantastic on decks, since it really highlights the view rather than the railing, but our customers are incredibly creative in how they use it the product. CableRail is great as a railing infill for interior stairs and landings, patios, or porches. In addition, it is being used to create beautiful trellises and fences. CableRail is made from 316-grade stainless steel, ensuring weather-tough durability, low maintenance and lasting beauty, making it a great choice in a wide variety of interior or exterior applications.

Q: With regard to ease of installation, how does Feeney, Inc.’s CableRail compare to its competitors?

A: Contractors, builders and remodelers who are working with CableRail in the field demand fast, easy, and flexible options for installation. Our standard assemblies are stocked at dealers across the country so installers can pick them up as needed without waiting. They’re easy to use and come prepackaged with everything you need; a threaded terminal fitting pre-attached (swaged) to one end of a precut length of cable, a Quick-Connect® fitting, and attachment nuts and washers. Our standard assemblies are the easiest solution for the majority of installations, however, if an installation requires a special solution, for example, if you have to attach the cables to the insides faces of the posts or into wood posts with composite or decorative wood sleeves, then our Quick-Connect® fittings provide you a really flexible system to meet a wide set of installation requirements. Quick-Connect® fittings feature a patented, automatic-locking jaw design, so installers simply insert the cable into the fitting nose and it locks in place with no special tools. In addition, Quick-Connect® Swivel fittings make tensioning the cables easy, just turn the body of the fitting, and the cable tightens; we’ve really tried to make it easy. This ease of installation and breadth of solutions are what set us apart from our competitors.

Deam Homes

Indoor Staircase Cable Railing from Feeney

Q: Ease of installation also applies to customer service support for custom home builders, remodelers and contractors. What tactics and services does Feeney, Inc. provide to ensure a positive overall experience?

A: We’re very proud of the positive feedback we get on our customer service team. Every day they assist our dealers and customers with project details, drawings and take offs, and can offer advice on how to plan your cable project and which products are best to use. Feeney is committed to great service, and we continue to invest in this area. In addition to our customer service, our website provides a deep set of product information, easy-to-follow installation instructions and videos. We also offer CEU courses that provide an overview about the benefits of using Feeney’s CableRail as well as important details about frame design requirements, jobsite safety issues, installation, and much more. The combination of our hard-working support staff and clear, easily accessible information help our company stay true to our tagline, “Feeney makes it easy.”

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