Is your Dream Home ready for Fall?

dream home fall backyard

Fall outdoor decorating from Better Homes and Gardens

Prepare your dream home for fall with these backyard tips.

Fall is a magical time of year. When that chill hits the air to bring relief from the heat of summer and the aesthetic of changing leaves cannot be rivaled by any other season. It conjures up images of pumpkins, hay stacks, and candy apples and you get to bring out those cozy boots and sweaters that have been packed away for months.

But for many homeowners, that chill means no longer enjoying their beloved outdoor living spaces. With modern conveniences however, outdoor living can continue year round. And the proper decor can give a welcoming, festive appearance. Here are a few tips to get you started.

dream home #1178 - screened porch

Screened porch from The Carrera #1178

Keeping Warm

A wide selection of Donald Gardner home plans feature porches with built in fireplaces. And for the patio, you can build an easy, do-it-yourself fire pit or install outdoor heaters.

diy Network offers a step-by-step tutorial on creating your own backyard fire pit – How to Build a Stone Fire Pit.

  • Use fire proof materials on a flat, even surface at least 25 feet from a house or tree.
  • Fire pits are strictly governed by local building codes. Make sure you know the code in your area before you install.
  • Now, get creative with the style and shape!
dream home #1211 rear porch

Rear porch and patio of The Rangemoss #1211

Provide comfortable seating

You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of seating for your family as well as for entertaining guests. You can choose from plush outdoor furniture to something more rustic like benches or tree stump seating. Just be sure you have enough for everyone to sit comfortably.

Maples tree

This Old House Maple Tree

Decorate for the season

  • Brighten your yard with the reds and yellows of fall. 10 Best Trees and Shrubs for Fall Color.
  • For a quick spruce, purchase some potted plants in fall colors and place them around walkways and seating areas.
  • Don’t forget the pumkins! They are quintessential to fall.

Don’t let yourself miss out on all the beauty that this season has to offer. Go ahead and make some hot apple cider, start up a fire to roast marshmallows for s’mores, and take in the views from the comfort of your dream home.

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