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Kitchen Design Trends

When you’re building a new home and considering interior layout designs, one of the biggest areas you’ll have to make decisions about is the kitchen. Whether you’re looking at kitchen backsplash designs, kitchen cabinet trends, various layouts, special features or something else, how can you tell which kitchen design trends have staying power? What exactly are the big kitchen design trends in 2016, and which ones should you be incorporating into your new home?

Kitchen Design Ideas - The Monarch Manor 5040

The Monarch Manor 5040

From the hottest kitchen backsplash ideas to the latest in kitchen cabinets, here are some popular design trends to consider:

Kitchen Design Trends - The Silvergate 1254-D

The Silvergate 1254-D – Two-tone kitchen cabinets

Twotone kitchen cabinets. As the feature that typically takes the most visual space in the kitchen, cabinets are an important design consideration. If you like white cabinets but also enjoy pops of color, consider the two-color kitchen cabinets trend. Rather than using a full suite of cabinets in one color in the kitchen, this trend combines colors for a two-tone look. Try white cabinets above countertops and dark cabinets below, for example. Use one color on the island and another around its perimeter. By picking two complementary cabinet colors, you can create a unique kitchen style.

Kitchen Design Trends - The Birchwood 1239

The Birchwood 1239 – Marble countertops

Marble countertops. Up next in timeless kitchen features making a big comeback are marble countertops, especially white marble used against white or black cabinets. As a natural substance, marble works beautifully to add texture and style to a cooking space. Be sure to hold up samples of it — or any countertops you choose — against your chosen cabinets, so you can pick options that coordinate.

Kitchen Design Trends - The Adelaide 866-D

The Adelaide 866-D – Butcher-block countertops

Butcherblock countertops. It’s hard to beat the appeal of wood in a kitchen, especially through beautiful butcher block. Whether it’s a full kitchen of butcher-block countertops or just an island with a butcher-block top, this natural, warm kitchen feature is on the trend list today.

Kitchen Design Trends - The Peyton 1289

The Peyton 1289 – Large farmhouse sink

Large farmhouse sinks. Able to create a vintage feel in a kitchen design, a farmhouse sink offers the benefits of a deep bowl, the versatility to work with many decorating choices, and great durability. For these reasons, it remains a popular trend with homeowners.

Kitchen Design Ideas - The Butler Ridge 1320-D

The Butler Ridge 1320-D – Subway tile

Subway tile. Both timeless and trendy, subway tile makes a striking accent in kitchens of all kinds. You can use it with either light or dark grout, pick a beveled option, or opt for traditional rectangles or trendy squares. Hold up against your cabinet and countertop options to make sure you like the combination. Because there are a variety of ways to use subway tile in a kitchen design, it’s easy to find an application that’s right for you.

Kitchen Design Ideas - The Jasper Hill 5020

The Jasper Hill 5020 – Open shelving

Open shelving. Not everybody loves the look of open shelving, but, when used appropriately, open shelves can make a kitchen look bigger and more interesting. They provide a way to highlight pretty kitchenware and streamlined organization, for example. They make items more accessible, with no need to open and close doors to retrieve and put away your things. Plus, they’re a look you’ll see all over design magazines and Pinterest postings today.

Do any of the above trends appeal to you for the way you’ll set up your new kitchen? Why not incorporate them into your future home? Explore the many possibilities in home plans on our website — or contact Donald A. Gardner Architects today to learn more!

9 comments on “Kitchen Design Trends 2016 | Backsplash & Cabinet Designs

  1. Jamie on

    Love the pendant lights over the marble counter top. Where did you purchase them? I’ve been searching the Internet for a contemporary light supplier for our new construction.

    • Echo on

      Hello Jamie, we designed this home but did not build it or complete the interior design, so unfortunately we don’t have any information on the lights purchased by the homeowner. You are welcome to show this photo to local manufacturers to see if they can match the product.

    • Shara on

      We bought some similar to those pictured with the marble counter top at Home Depot several years ago. Good luck with your search.

  2. Rosie Gaudet on

    I love the look of the farmhouse sinks! Not only are the super clean looking and aesthetically pleasing, they are also large! It would be so much easier to do dishes in a sink that is that large. That way it will make the dishes maybe a little bit more enjoyable to do!

  3. Suzan Halterman on

    I love the idea of having a two-tone cabinet. It would look great in my kitchen. It could use a makeover. I’ll have to get my husband to call out some contractors for me.


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