Leland House Plan | Under Construction in China

The Leland house plan 1449 is current being built in Tianjin, China

The Zhong family purchased the narrow-lot Leland house plan 1449 and has started construction in Tianjin, China! Tianjin is a port city in Northeastern China and is about a hour from Beijing.

The Leland plan 1449 foundation.

As you can see in the photo above, construction is underway and they have started laying the foundation. Mr. Zhong initially contacted our customer service team in August 2018 to begin inquiring about our house plans. Since building codes and practices in China vary greatly from the US, he settled on AutoCAD plans so necessary adjustments could be made to meet local codes and practices. For example, lumber is limited in China so they typically use steel, brick, or concrete for framing. Mr. Zhong plans to use concrete and brick for his version of The Leland. The plans also needed to be converted to the metric system of measurement and  many of the abbreviations used on our blueprints were not know to Mr. Zhong, so he worked with our customer service team and our on-call designer to make sure he and his local designer understood all of the details. We can’t wait to see how this home progresses!


Framing and roofing are in progress!

Framing of The Leland house plan 1449.

Exterior Finishes:

The exterior finishes have been completed!

Exterior finishes of The Leland house plan 1449.

Exterior finishes of The Leland house plan 1449.

Front exterior of The Leland house plan 1449.

Front exterior of The Leland house plan 1449.

The Leland Plan 1449

Front rendering of The Leland plan 1449.

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