Modify Any Plan and Make it Your Own!

Have our designers modify your favorite house plan to meet your needs.

Modifying a home plan is easy and convenient

Have you found a Don Gardner home plan that’s just perfect… except for one or two things? Customizing it is easy, and the possibilities are nearly endless.

Modify The Celeste house plan 1323.
The Celeste House Plan 1323
Modify The Celeste house plan 1323.
House Plan 1323: Flipped the garage location and added a third bay.

Common modifications:

  • Moving the garage entry from front to side or vice-versa
  • Adding a third garage bay
  • Changing a hip roof to a gable or vice-versa
  • Adding/removing brick or stone on the exterior
  • Adding a screen porch or sunroom
  • Completely changing the exterior façade to a different style
  • Adding a walk-out or finished in-ground basement
  • Stretching a plan either in width or depth to make various interior spaces larger
  • Reducing the width of a plan to fit on a specific lot
  • Flooring over a two-story or vaulted room to create more living space on the second level
  • Adding extra bedrooms and/or bathrooms in unfinished space such as a bonus room or unfinished second floor, or expanding the plan to accommodate more rooms
  • Adding space for an elevator
  • Changing interior ceiling heights
Modify The Sagecrest house plan 1226.
The Sagecrest House Plan 1226

The Modification Process:

To receive an estimated fee and completion time for modifications, please fill out our Online Modification Estimate Request. Please select your desired house plan and use the provided spaces to list out your changes. Add an additional line for each change request and include an attachment with additional information if necessary.

Please Note: There is a $99 Initial Consultation fee to receive an estimate. That fee is credited toward the total cost of your house plan customizations. The credit will apply to the final modification payment.

Once your request has been received, Donald A. Gardner Design Services, LLC will email you within 2 to 3 business days with a quote for the modifications you requested. At this point, you work one-on-one with your designer until your new plans are complete.

Visit our website to read more about Modifications!

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