Outdoor Water Feature Trends for 2015

Outdoor Water Feature Trends for 2015

By Charles Richardson

Over the past few years, homeowners have taken a particular interest in expanding their living experience beyond the walls of their homes. The great outdoors have become a popular place to gather on the porch or patio with friends, or retreat into the quiet solitude of a well-cultivated garden. This year, we are continuing to see more and more homeowners incorporate water features to take that experience to the next level.

“Water features are a great way for homeowners to elevate their outdoor environment. Essentially people are looking for three things when choosing a water feature: 1) they want it to be visually appealing, 2) they want want it to be low maintenance, and 3) they want it to be affordable to maintain.”

— Chuck Tripp, Donald A. Gardner Architects, Inc.

Water feature trends for 2015:

Garden Pond

A small, man-made pond is a great way to add another dimension to your backyard garden experience. The aesthetic appeal, along with the soothing, trickling sound of fountains or water spouts, invites guests to linger and relax in a calming setting. There are many options and styles of ponds available depending upon one’s tastes.

Garden pond at the Yankton Home Plan #933

The Yankton Plan #933

Sheet Waterfalls

Of all the outdoor water features available, sheet waterfalls are probably the most popular. As homeowners continue to add more structure to garden areas—brick walls, stone columns, and the like—sheet waterfalls have now become a crowning feature that creates elegance and interest beyond the typical fountain.

Sheet waterfall on the screened porch of the Palm Vista home design #5021

The Palm Vista Plan #5021


This is a visually appealing and decorative way to make use of your return water from a pool or other water feature. Homeowners can get creative by using a large clay pot or urn to draw attention to the naturally returning water and make it an enhanced focal point.

Cascade waterfall, pool of the Heatherstone Floor Plan #5016

The Heatherstone Plan #5016
Built by JBR Custom Homes, Inc.

Rock Column Fountains

This is a unique yet virtually maintenance-free way to add an impressive water feature to an existing garden structure. By implementing rock or stone columns—typically in sets of three—you can harness the fountain water and divert it into a bed of gravel where it is re-circulated back to the columns.

Bubbling Fountains

Here is another low-maintenance, low-cost option. Bubbling fountains generally feature large rocks, stones, or even a pot or urn, as the centerpiece. By inserting a hole through the object, the water can bubble-up from the pool or waterfall and spout upward through the opening for a dynamic aquatic display.

Fire and Water

Homeowners are now creating outdoor spaces that mimic the functionality and comfort of indoor spaces. As a result, they are creating unique environemnts that feature both fire and water, combined, to enhance the overall experience. “The warmth of fire and the shimmer of water are very important,” says renowned landscape architect, Michael Schneider. “It’s very intriguing to have both fire and water—opposite elements—together. “

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20 comments on “Outdoor Water Feature Trends for 2015

  1. Karimah on

    I am looking to do the fire water pit in my backyard. I live in San Diego, California. Does anyone know someone who can supply that water feature? I got a quote that I thought was too high and the Builder told me to see if I can purchase it as opposed to having him build it from scratch.

  2. Emily on

    I loved the fire and water as well as the Rock Column Fountains as well as the bubling fountain …great innovation in designs

  3. Emily on

    We adore the stone water sections and gurgling wellsprings. We simply put in a block firepit that needs a water highlight to finish the look!

    We live in New Hamphire close Dartmouth College zone and are experiencing difficulty discovering somebody who offers these. Any proposals?

  4. Jannette Olson on

    We love the rock water columns and bubbling fountains. We just put in a brick firepit that needs a water feature to complete the look!
    We live in New Hamphire near Dartmouth College area and are having trouble finding someone who sells these. Any suggestions?

    • Echo on

      Hi Jannette, I’m afraid we wouldn’t have any contacts in New Hampshire. We are in Greenville, SC and are a stock plan company so we don’t get involved in the building or home additions process. You may want to contact a local landscaper to see if they have some contacts they could share.

  5. Jason Strong on

    My sister and brother in law are wanting to add some style to their yard. They put in a beautiful garden over the summer, but they still feel like it needs something. After doing some research on different ways to spice up a yard, I found this one that talks about how water fountains can do just that. I’m not sure if they have thought of this yet, but I’m going to show this to them when I go over there tonight and see what they think about it.

  6. Deanna R. Jones on

    These are some really cool water features that I would like to put in my backyard. My favorite is the fountain with the fire in the middle. The cushioned seats that are surrounding the fountain seems like the perfect touch to allow people to sit and enjoy both the water coming out of the fountain and the fire that’s right in the middle of it.

  7. William Walker on

    That fire fountain is so cool! It is like the best combination of fire and water. I wonder how much it would cost to get a fountain like it. I also liked the other fountains that all look like rocks.


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