Home Design: Redwood for your Outdoor Spaces

For a greener yard, start with Redwood for your Outdoor Spaces

By Jessica Hewitt, Humboldt Redwood Company

Today’s homeowners devote as much attention to the design plans for their outdoor spaces as they do to creating the interior spaces that make their homes a true reflection of their lives. Much more than a desire for greater curb appeal, a well-designed outdoor space is an investment that provides immediate enjoyment in addition to boosting the home’s overall resale value.

Design your outdoor spaces with redwood.

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Also important to many homeowners is how the product choices throughout their home will help promote a more sustainable future. In terms of outdoor living, there’s one product that supports both the look homeowners love and the sustainability benefits they want: Redwood.
Redwood, such as that from Humboldt Redwood Company, comes from private commercial forestlands maintained under the world’s most stringent regulations, certified well-managed and sustainable. Renowned for its beauty, durability and stability, redwood is also naturally resistant to decay, termites, and even combustion under fire conditions. Redwood also naturally resists warping, cupping, splitting and checking.
Many homeowners assume that redwood lumber is best used for decks. However, the versatility of this wood species makes it a perfect choice for a number of landscape design options that will create the perfect starting point for a sustainable space, including:

Use Redwood for your outdoor living spaces.

Seating – From swings to benches, picnic tables to Adirondack chairs, redwood’s natural strength and beauty is a natural fit.

Design your outdoor spaces with redwood.

Planters – Simple garden boxes or grand-sized planters, redwood planters help add versatility to any design through their natural beauty, and non-toxicity – important when growing edible plants. .

Privacy – Use a fence line to help define the space, or create visual buffers from less sightly assets such as a central air unit, garbage cans, or a busy roadway nearby.

Gateway – Trellis and arbor structures with redwood create transition points from one space in the yard to another.

Design your outdoor spaces with redwood.

Pergolas – For a focal point structure like a pergola, using beautiful redwood timbers that can stand up to the elements is critical.

From traditional designs to modern interpretations, redwood is a great building material for pros and DIY enthusiasts alike. For ideas, Humboldt Redwood has put together some amazing inspiration at getredwood.com and to find your dream home visit dongardner.com!
Jessica Hewitt is Director of Marketing at Humboldt Redwood Company. HRC is working to cultivate a lasting legacy of environmentally responsible forestry and sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution of top-quality redwood lumber products.

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