Tips For Moving Into A Newly Built House

Tips For Moving Into Your Newly Built House

Buying and moving into a newly built house is an exciting experience. It can feel like your home is a blank canvas awaiting your personal touch, and for good reason. After all, you are the first person to make a mark on the space. As you anticipate the big day, keep in mind these tips for moving into a new build.

1. Take the final inspection seriously

When moving into a new construction home, you may be tempted to cut corners on the final inspection while thinking everything is perfect because it’s new. Don’t do this. No matter how skilled your builders are, they may make mistakes — you need to ensure everything is delivered as expected and in working order. Hire a pro to tackle this job.

2. Have a packing/unpacking plan

One of the benefits of building a home is you have time, during the construction process, to think about what rooms will serve which functions. Pack efficiently so you can simply put boxes in specified rooms on moving day. Consider using colors to label boxes and such to help movers know where everything belongs.

Tips for moving into your newly built home.

3. Change your address

Prior to the move, fill out a “change of address” form with your local post office. Also provide this information to utility companies, credit card companies and any entity that bills you on a regular basis.

4. Turn on utilities

Unlike existing homes where you might have some wiggle room as the utilities switch from the previous owner to you, you must call utility companies (electricity, natural gas, water, etc.) to schedule a start date — for billing and service — for when you take possession of your newly built house. Most cable TV/satellite dish/Internet providers won’t establish service until you’ve legally taken possession on the home.

5. Cover the floors

Moving is messy. You don’t want new carpet or hardwood floors stained or damaged. Put down plastic or heavy-duty butcher paper — or even some old throw rugs — on the main walkways in your new home to protect it from foot traffic and moving-related damage, scuffs, etc.

6. Furniture first

Move furniture into place before unloading anything else. It’s easier to do without boxes and assorted household items in the way. If possible, relegate someone to set up your bed and other essentials while others unload/unpack boxes.

7. Be on the lookout

You may find some minor issues after you’ve settled, such as a squeaky door or a loose faucet handle. Keep your eyes peeled for these problems, and address them sooner rather than later to take advantage of coverage under the builder’s warranty.

This checklist for moving into a new home will help you stay organized and on track. The right home plan can also make the process more enjoyable, as you will have confidence that your new home has everything you want and need.

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4 comments on “Tips For Moving Into A Newly Built House

  1. M Dixon on

    Should we have the carpet cleaned before moving into new construction? I plan to vacuum and cover the wood and carpet but wondered if I should go a step further with a dry cleaning of the newly installed carpet…

  2. Jim Handley on

    I have a question about moving into new construction. Is it necessary to wait some time before moving in, to let the house de-gas so to speak, I mean let all the materials, such as paint, carpets, other flooring, cements used in tile work, etc. de-gas, or finish emitting vapers? If so how long should we wait?

    • Echo Jones on

      Hi Jim. With the advances in technology and products, you’re new home should be safe to move into once your builder turns over the keys. The home should have passed inspection for anything dangerous by that time. Please let us know if you have other questions.


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