Mudroom Designs | Tips for Utility & Laundry Room Layout

Mudroom and utility room layout : Tips For Organizing A Useful Space In Your Home

Room layout - utility room of The Sutton #1261

The Sutton #1261

When building a home, one of the features that you will find in many new home plans is a utility room or mudroom.

These rooms can be a great asset to your home, but they can quickly turn into a catchall for clutter. Intelligent, clutter-free utility room designs can help you make the most out of this area, turning it into a valuable storage room for your family.

Benefits of Utility Rooms and Storage Rooms

Utility rooms and mudrooms do more than just give you a space to wash your clothes. With the right utility room organization, these can turn into an extension of your storage space, providing a place to stock linens, extra food, recreational supplies and more. A mud room layout can give you a place to keep outdoor gear — like boots and jackets — easily accessible when you are on your way out the door. These rooms often have a utility sink as well, which provides a convenient area for cleaning messy items.

If you plan on having a bi-level home, it’s also worth considering adding a utility room on the second floor, or near your bedrooms. This way, you won’t have to carry bins of laundry up and down a flight of stairs.

Room layout - Utility room of The Rangemoss #1211

The Rangemoss #1211

Design Tips for Utility Rooms and Mudrooms

If your new home design has a mudroom or utility room, how can you make the most of it? If you were to talk to others who built their own homes, you would likely find a measure of regret among those who did not spend time planning for their needs as they organized and designed these rooms. Here are some features you should consider:

These rooms may be utility rooms, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful. Colorful paint, fun curtains on the walls and more can make these an extension of your home.

Next, think about storage. Add cabinets, shelves and hooks to utility room floor plans to provide ample storage for everything from toys to laundry soap. Hooks are particularly valuable in these areas, giving you a place to hang your coat or apron, depending on the location of the room.

In a mudroom, seating — that can double as storage — is important. People need a place to sit to remove their muddy boots and store them. Possibly add a bench with built-in shelving to accommodate this need.

Room layout - Utility room of The Butler Ridge #1320-D

The Butler Ridge #1320-D

Counter space can also be valuable, particularly in a utility room. Counter space gives you room to treat stains, fold laundry and organize supplies. If you have the leeway in your utility room floor plan, perhaps add some counter space.

Add a sink. Both utility and mudrooms have a lot of mess, so have a utility sink installed. This will allow you to clean those messes without the need to dirty your kitchen sink.

Remember, when designing your mudroom and utility room, you need to combine function with aesthetics to create a room that is useful to you. With these tips, you can build a house, complete with a utility room and mudroom, without regrets!

As you consider your options, trust Donald A. Gardner Architects to help you find the right floor plans for your needs.

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