Which Rendering/Style do you Prefer?

We need your feedback! Please rank these from A-E (favorite to least favorite) in the comments below.

Comment below ranking your favorite rendering/style to your least favorite rendering/style using the corresponding letters (A-E). Feel free to leave additional feedback about what features your like or dislike.

Example Comment: B-1, D-2, A-3, C-4, E-5

Front Rendering Version A
Front Rendering Version B
Front Rendering Version C
Front Rendering Version D
Front Rendering Version E

Please take a few moments to tell us what you think by commenting below.

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15 comments on “Which Rendering/Style do you Prefer?

  1. Shane Hope on

    I like the simplicity and honesty of C, given that this must be actually a one-story house.

    For a steep-roof look, I prefer B, including the stone on the front.

    D is a close third. A is fourth. E is fifth. It seems overly-done and confused in appearance.

  2. Chris Coleman on

    1 – D
    2 – B
    3 – A
    4 – C
    5 – E
    It is amazing that they all are the same house. The roof lines feel like they would completely change them. I LOVE C if I was looking for a ranch.


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