Narrow Lot House Plans

Are you looking for narrow lot homes that will make the most of skinny lots? Do you need the kind of house plans for narrow lots that can turn small pieces of land into dream homes? If so, Donald A. Gardner Architects is your resource! As leading specialists in house plans of all kinds, we're proud to offer a variety of narrow house plans that are specifically made to meet your skinny-lot needs. These plans capitalize on usable space, natural light and customizable features so that you have a wonderful place to live.

The Skinny On Narrow Home Plans

Whether you're a builder looking to split an investment property into two narrow homes or a homeowner with a narrow piece of land on which you'd like to build, you'll find quality narrow-lot home plans in our selection. From narrow-lot house plans with front garage styles to house designs with rear garage layouts, we can help. Explore our home plans for narrow lots online to find the right solution for you!

Why Donald A. Gardner Architects?

The beauty of working with Donald A. Gardner Architects is that we offer a variety of home plans that are easy to scroll through and research online. Feel free to save and compare specific floor plans for narrow lots that you like, until you're able to settle on exactly the right option. When it comes to long, narrow house plans that you can count on for beautiful, useful layouts, look no further! You'll find plenty of inspiration for packing living space into a slender package when you explore our house plans. Since our founding in 1978, we've made it our mission to redefine the residential, predesign housing industry. Look through our online options or get in touch with us to learn more!

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