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House Design 1576 | One-Story Home Plan

Conceptual house plan 1576 is a one-story rustic design with four bedrooms.

Overview of conceptual house plan 1576.

Front elevation of conceptual house plan 1576.

Rear elevation of conceptual house plan 1576.

Conceptual House Plan 1576

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Conceptual Design 1576 is an updated version of The Satchwell house plan 967. This one-story design has instant curb-appeal with a mix of siding and stone complemented by board-and-batten and metal roof accents. Decorative trim and embellished garage doors add character to the façade.

Upon entering the foyer, find a bedroom/study to the left with a vaulted ceiling and access to a full bathroom. To the right of the foyer, the dining room is open, yet defined with a tray ceiling and columns. A coat closet is available for guests and the bathroom easily accessible. A cathedral ceiling is shared between the great room and kitchen. Providing warmth and style to the great room is a fireplace and a clerestory window floods the space with natural light. Double doors exit to a rear porch topped with skylights. The kitchen centers around an island and a window offers views of the backyard. Through the garage entry, find the utility room, a mud room with a built-in seat and storage, and a pantry. A barn door can be closed to keep messes contained.

Two secondary bedrooms are equal in size, including the closets, and each have access to a shared bathroom with a linen closet and a dual-sink vanity. The master suite is to the opposite side of the floor plan and a large linen closet is just outside the entry. The master bedroom is luxurious with a cathedral ceiling and direct access to the rear porch. Pass by two walk-in closets on the way to the master bathroom with a double vanity, freestanding bathtub, and a massive walk-in shower. Upstairs, a bonus room awaits expansion.

First floor of conceptual house plan 1576.

Bonus room of conceptual house plan 1576.

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6 comments on "1 Story House Design #1576 | Don Gardner Architects"

    • conceptual plan comment
      Kimberly L. Washington on May 29, 2020 - 6:46PM
      I essentially agree with them comments that Marie made. Though if push comes to shove I can tolerate a secondary bedroom of 12x 12 if the door window placements are appropriate. Kudos, I'm happy to see in this plan that all of the bedrooms have direct access to a bath! In imho personally this is highly desireable bordering on essential feature. Please always include a future optional bath with the 2nd floor optional bonus rooms.
      • conceptual plan comment
        Echo on June 01, 2020 - 12:09PM

        Thank you for the feedback, Kimberly!

    • conceptual plan comment
      Ely on August 20, 2019 - 9:04PM
      With all due respect... (we love Gardner!!) but we need the designs to evolve. There's nothing new, let alone nothing modern for Generation X and Y. 1. Please stop with "barn" doors, as they will be out of style very soon due to overuse. Stick with side sliding or pocket doors. 2. Formal dining rooms are pointless -- we always need large eat-in country kitchens and/or an open concept dining/kitchen. 3. Great Rooms lack furniture placement. No more doors to the outside, please. Kitchen back doors are usually better. (i.e. farm house) Please also don't include fireplace and walking areas into sizing for any room. 4. We are animal lovers. Pet spaces? Beds, cage and feeding areas, please. 5. No one uses the MB tub, we'd rather a plush shower (with large benches and shower storage). 6. Think: Function. Function. Function. We prefer closets over excess use of furniture. 7. Think: Greener. 8. Need placement for (example: Tesla) solar panel (garage) equipment. 9. Need to see H/W and A/C equipment placement and access. 10. Any bonus room upstairs should always have at least a half bath. 11. Higher ceilings (10 feet), but not wasteful two-story. 12. Laundry rooms should be much larger, with hang space and counters. 13. Symmetrical facades/roof lines are always prettier and never go out of style (Mini McMansions multi pitches are OUT of style.) 14. In-law (or guest) areas are desperately needed -- two master bedrooms. 15. Small kitchens should have a larger pantry for kitchen equipment. 16. But, it's best to go BIG with the kitchen. 17. Think: furniture placement at all times. One window in bedrooms is better. 18. King size beds with nightstands need at least one 16 foot blank wall. 19. Safe room via pantry or MB closet needed with climate changes w/out basements. Make MB closets also larger for daily use, but also people, pets and valuables during storms. 20. One attached garage for storage. Two detached garage w/ apartment (behind or above) for Baby Boomer parents and/or adult children. 21. Work from home office space(s) needed (replace formal dining). 22. Tech wall pockets for Alexa/Google, charging, music plug-in, etc. 23. Climate change food/prep storage in garage with safe room lining. All the above is why farm houses are truly exploding in popularity (but will quickly go out of facade style due to over use). Thank you!
      • conceptual plan comment
        Echo on August 21, 2019 - 4:40PM

        Thank you for the thoughtful feedback, Ely!

        Barndoors are trendy and we understand that they are not for everyone. They can easily be switched out for a traditional door or a pocket door.

        We are also pet lovers and understand that pet spaces are important to homeowners. However, dedicated pet spaces are not something that we can indicate on our designs since they are stock plans and sold multiple times to a variety of homeowners with varied needs. That is something that you can customize with your builder or a local carpenter before construction begins, though! These features are typically not structural.

        We are constantly adding to our collection of house plans with a second master suite.

        Also, keep in mind that you can request modifications to customize any of our designs to better fit your needs.

        Again, thank you for the feedback and please let us know if we can help you find and customize your perfect home plan!

      • conceptual plan comment
        MARIE A GRIMM on May 29, 2020 - 12:32PM
        As a interior designer, I have used your plans and I must say, I usually adapt them to have larger living area such as the great room... it NEEDS to be larger and furniture functional/ arrangement friendly!!! What good is a nice home if your always cramped in the living spaces. And Bedrooms should be at least 12x13', with thoughtful use of door/window placement for efficient traffic flow for furniture placement.
        • conceptual plan comment
          Echo on May 29, 2020 - 4:18PM

          Thank you for sharing your expertise, Marie!


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