House Plan Set Details

What's Included in Our House Plan Sets?

(Note: This is a general guide, and depending upon the number of floors elevations and details required for your home, your number of sheets will vary.)

Cover Sheet 1. Cover Sheet
An artist's rendering of the exterior of the house shows you approximately how the house will look when built and landscaped.

Foundation Plan 2. Foundation Plan
This plan gives the foundation layout, including support walls, excavated and unexcavated areas, if any, foundation notes and details, and floor framing.

Detailed Floor Plans 3. Detailed Floor Plans
These plans show the layout of each floor of the house. Rooms and interior spaces are carefully dimensioned and keys are given for cross-section details provided later in the plans, as well as window and door schedules. These plans may also show the location of kitchen appliances and plumbing fixtures, and may suggest locations for electrical fixtures, switches and outlets.

Interior Elevations 4. Interior Elevations
The interior elevation drawings show a suggested layout design of cabinets, utility rooms, fireplaces, bookcases, built-in units and other special interior features depending on the nature and complexity of the item.

Roof Plan 5. Roof Plan
The roof plan shows a bird's eye view of the overall layout of the roof, ridges, valleys, and slopes.

Exterior Elevations 6. Exterior Elevations
Included are front, rear, left and right sides of the house. Exterior materials, details and measurements are also given.

Cross-Section 7. Cross-Section / Wall Section Details
Important changes in floor, ceiling and roof heights or the relationship of one level to another are called out. Also shown, when applicable, are exterior details such as railing and banding.

Structural Plan 8. Structural Plan
Overall layout and necessary details for the ceiling, second-floor framing (if applicable) and roof construction. If trusses are used, it's suggested that you use a local truss manufacturer to design your trusses to comply with your local codes and regulations.


Each plan is designed to be consistent with CABO One and Two Family Dwelling Code or the International Residential Code in effect at the time the plan was created, but DAG does not warrant such conformity. Modifications may be necessary to meet applicable building codes, ordinances, local climatic, and geographical design criteria. Consult a builder, architect or other construction professional as necessary. DAG Specifically disclaims any responsibility for ensuring the plans, and/or any house built using the plans, satisfies local or other applicable building codes. Determining and complying with all applicable codes is your responsibility. Manufacturer instructions should be followed for all materials, appliances, and systems. Heating/air conditioning layouts, plumbing pipe layouts, and electrical wiring layouts are not included.Consult a local mechanical contractor for systems suitable for local climate conditions.

Additionally, stock plans do not have a professional stamp attached. If your building department requires one, they will only accept a stamp from a professional licensed in the state where you plan to build. In this case, you will need to take your house plans to a local engineer or architect for review and stamping.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your home experience. We appreciate your business and want to take this opportunity to explain important information about our copyright. By providing you with the facts, we hope to clarify any confusion and exclude you from legal trouble.

Please contact our customer service department at 1-800-388-7580 if you need any assistance.

Product Descriptions

AutoCAD File and PDF File Included
AutoCAD drawings are electronic files of the complete set of construction drawings. They can only be used with AutoCAD compatible software. The purchaser receives a non-exclusive, non transferable multi-use license to construct an unlimited number of homes from the plans purchased. The license to construct homes from these plans is granted to the ORIGINAL purchaser only and may NOT be transferred, assigned, or sub-licensed to any other party. You may reproduce or modify these plans for your construction purposes only. Please consult a professional before purchasing. (Free PDF file included)

PDF Reproducible Set (Best Value)
One construction set in PDF format is emailed and provides a license for unlimited copies to be printed and can be used to build the home ONE time. (To be emailed within 24 business hours)

PDF + 5 Printed Construction Sets (Best Value)
One PDF set of construction drawings is emailed within 1 business day, and 5printed sets are mailed within 2 business days, with the license to build the plan ONE time. Typically, it requires at least 5 copies to provide to contractors, lending institutions, building officials and at least 1 copy to retain for your own records.

1 PDF Review Set
One set of PDF construction drawings stamped "Not For Construction" - for review only. May be upgraded to a 5-set, PDF or AutoCAD within 180 days with payment of a nominal upgrade fee plus difference in cost. This does not include the license to build the home.

2x6 Exterior Wall Conversion
Additional charge to change plan to have 2x6 EXTERIOR walls (if not already specified as having 2x6 exterior walls) Plan typically loses 2" from the interior to keep outside dimensions the same when possible. May take 3-5 weeks or less to complete. Call 1-800-388-7580 for estimated date.

Basement Foundation
Additional charge to replace standard foundation with a full in-ground basement foundation. Shown as in-ground and unfinished ONLY - no doors and windows. May take 3-5 weeks or less to complete. Call 1-800-388-7580 for estimated date.

Slab Foundation
Additional charge to replace standard foundation to be a slab foundation - Shown as a raised slab foundation with slab on grade details. May take 3-5 weeks to complete. Call 1-800-388-7580 for estimated date.

Full Reverse Fee
Additional surcharge to plan package for a Full Reverse of plan with right-reading letters. May take to 2-3 weeks or less to complete. Call 1-800-388-7580 for estimated date.

Material List
List of materials to build home. Does not include mechanical, electrical nor plumbing and will not reflect the changes made to plans when ordering plan options such as 2x6 walls, and slab and basement foundations.

Reuse Fees
Reuse fees are available to purchase for all of our plan packages of 5 sets or greater. This option is available during the plan purchase or within 2 yrs after the plan order. A construction license must be obtained from Donald A. Gardner Architects for each home built and you must call 1-800-388-7580 to order.

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