Photo Gallery

Welcome to our House Plan Gallery!

Donald A. Gardner Architects invites you to view all of our home plan photography, so you can see the benefits each home design has to offer. The photos can help you visualize each home's unique style and features. If you find a house plan you want, but need a few modifications, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Our modifications team can update your chosen house plan, so it works for you!

Find Your Dream Home

Our gallery has dozens of home plans with interior and exterior photos. You can look over these photographs and discover the one that has everything you want in a dream home. Looking at floor plans gives you only half the story. While you can think about what you want in your home, such as a large kitchen or three bedrooms, it can be difficult to imagine what the house will look like just from seeing the floor plans. Not everyone is a visual thinker, and it helps to have a tool to illustrate what the finished home will look like. We've compiled house plans with photography of how homes will appear after building to aid in narrowing down your choices.

What Should I Look for in Home Plan Photography?

While we can't predict what architectural style will resonate with you, we can give you a few tips for going through our photo gallery to find the best fit:

  • · Consider the style of the home as well as the neighborhood where you want to build. You want the two to fit well together.
  • · Think about landscaping opportunities with the house in addition to looking at what's already in the photo.
  • · If you notice that you're attracted to images of similar houses, determine what's attracting you to that type of design.

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