Builder House Plan Collections

House Plan Collections Created for Today's Builder!

Today's builders are facing more demands than ever when trying to select home plans to build in newly designed neighborhoods. Don Gardner Architects is here to help ease some of this stress by creating House Plan Collections that break down and group our house plans into collections that today's home buyers demand. If there are specific sq. ft. demands, we have you covered! If there are lot depth or width demands, we have you covered! If there are specific style requirements, we have you covered! In fact, we created over 30 different house plans collections that do the sorting and searching for you, so you don't have to spend your valuable time pulling together the plans that best meet your customer's requirements.

Each of the House Plan Collections shown below will direct you to Donald A. Gardner house plans and home designs that match the collection. We have created the house plan collections in a variety of ways that meet the needs of a diverse audience.

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1600 to 1799 sq ft house plans
Home Plans 1600 - 1799 Sq Ft
1800 to 2099 sq ft house plans
House Plans 1800 - 2099 Sq Ft
2100 to 2499 sq ft house plans
Home Plans 2100 - 2499 sq ft
2500 to 2999 sq ft house plans
House Plans 2500 - 2999 Sq Ft
3000 to 3799 sq ft house plans
Home Plans 3000 - 3799 Sq Ft
3800 sq ft and up house plans
House Plans over 3800 Sq Ft
40' to  50' wide house plans
Home Plans 40' to 50' Wide
40' to 50' deep home plans
House Plans 40' to 50' Deep
50' to 60 ' deep home plans
House Plans 50' to 60' Deep
50' to 60' wide house plans
House Plans 50' - 60' Wide
60' deep and up home plans
House Plans Over 60' Deep
beach style floor plans
Beach Style House Plans
brick house plans
Brick Style Home Plans
cottage house plans
Cottage Style House Plans
country home plans
Country Style Home Plans
courtyard garage house plans
Courtyard Garage House Plans
craftsman style floor plans
Craftsman Style House Plans
farmhouse home plans
Farmhouse Home Plans
first floor master house plans
First Floor Master House Plans
front entry garage home plans
Front Entry Garage House Plans
less than 40' wide house plans
Home Plans Below 40' Wide
modern farmhouse home plans
Modern Farmhouse Home Plans
one story house plans
One Story House Plans
rear entry garage home plans
Rear Entry Garage Home Plans
second floor master home plans
Second Floor Master Suites
two story home plans
Two Story Home Plans
under 1600 sq ft house plans
House Plans Under 1600 Sq Ft
walkout basement house plans
Walkout Basement House Plans
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