House Plans with Sunrooms, Screened & Covered Porch Designs

Sunrooms, Screened & Covered Porchs – House Plans with outdoor living!

House Plans - Sunroom of The Hartwell #1221

The Hartwell #1221

The unmatchable beauty of house plans with outdoor living!

This summer, imagine future years spent enjoying the outdoors at home — picture yourself or your clients celebrating the seasons with any of the wonderful house plans with outdoor living that we offer at Donald A. Gardner Architects!

Our huge selection of house plans with covered porches, screened porches, sunrooms and more connects you with options that are specifically designed to create dream homes. Whether it’s a charming covered porch or a bright and inviting sunroom you desire, we have it!

Home Plans - Screened porch of The Butler Ridge #1320-D

The Butler Ridge #1320-D

Benefits of Our Sunroom and Covered Porch Designs

There’s nothing like a beautiful day spent on your own porch or in your own sunroom. Whether you’re sipping tea, reading a book, entertaining or just enjoying the view, getting to soak in fresh sunshine is pretty hard to beat. Consider some of the specific benefits that come from our sunroom and covered porch plans:

  • Greater home value. Because they add usable space to your home’s layout, sunrooms add value. Likewise, porches add usable outdoor space for entertaining or relaxing. In both cases, these features increase home value.
  • Architectural appeal. A home with a sunroom has something special built into its design, something that can be eye-catching and attractive both inside and out. Choose a house design with this feature, and you choose a house design that will impress.
  • Outdoor views. What better way to make the most of the views around you than with a space that highlights them? Because of how they showcase your outdoor surroundings, sunrooms open your eyes to beauty.
  • Better health. Natural light is good for your body and mind. Having a place where you can go to relax and appreciate the tranquility of the outdoors is a powerful stress reliever and refresher.
House Plans - Screened porch of The Clubwell Manor #5037

The Clubwell Manor #5037

Choosing a Sunroom Design From the Start
You may not realize it, but there’s yet another big benefit that comes from picking a house plan that incorporates a screened porch, sunroom or other outdoor space. Choosing sunroom designs when you build saves you money compared to trying to add a sunroom after your home is built. Sunrooms tend to be less expensive and faster to build when they are part of a home’s original construction. What’s more, today’s sunrooms can feature all kinds of cost-cutting, energy-efficient features — from eco-friendly glass to better ventilation systems — to keep costs down.

Are you interested in learning more about our covered porch ideas or sunroom home plans? A three-season room or outdoor porch can make a big difference in the quality, value and appeal of a home, so let us connect you with the right choice. Browse through our extensive house plans online, or get in touch with us to learn more. or 1-800-388-7580

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