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The Pros and Cons of Building a Small Farmhouse

Have you ever thought about building a house of your own? If your answer is yes, you might consider getting away from gridlocked and polluted cities to build a small and cozy farmhouse in the country. It might sound difficult and inconvenient, but it does not have to be that way. You just have to plan everything out very carefully.

If you do not know whether it is something worth trying, this article should help you make up your mind. Here, you will find a list of the pros and cons of building a small farmhouse.

Building a small farmhouse like The Gemma house plan 1587.

[+] It Is Completely Yours

If you end up building a small farmhouse with your own hands, you will be in control of the building process. It will be up to you to decide whether you want to use Flexi Proof Fleece Backed EPDM and place a birdbath in your backyard, among other things.

It might seem like an exhausting task, but it will give you an excellent opportunity to build your dream home, which is definitely worth the hassle. Provided that you plan everything out and do your research, you will end up becoming the owner of a house built to suit every one of your needs!

[+] It Is Very Cost-Effective

The biggest benefit of building a small farmhouse is its cost-effectiveness. You will not have to spend a fortune on materials that can typically run up your building cost. A perfect example is your garage door. The garage door height and width that you will be dealing with are going to be relatively small, which means that the price of your garage door will drop.

Additionally, less space means less maintenance. You will get to save money by avoiding having to hire professionals to take care of things like landscaping. Lastly, you may have money left in your budget to invest in alternative energy sources, such as solar panels, which should result in lower utility bills.

[+] It Is Going to Be Isolated

If you are going to be building a farmhouse, you will most likely want to buy a secluded plot of land away from large urban areas. It will likely take some adjusting, but it is one of the biggest selling points of owning a small farmhouse.

Living far away from other people means that you will not have to worry about things like noisy neighbors and a high crime rate. On top of that, you will get to escape the sounds of heavy traffic. Instead, you can wake up to the sounds of nature every day, which will work wonders for your mental health!

Building a small farmhouse like The Coleraine house plan 1335.

[-] It Might Put a Dent in Your Budget

Depending on the type of building materials that you will be using and the number of professionals that you will be hiring, building even a small home from the ground up might end up putting a huge dent in your budget.

It should come as no surprise, though. There are many different costs that you will have to cover, including unexpected ones that come up after you have started building. For instance, the cost of certain cosmetic products may be more than you expected and sourcing materials may end up prolonging the project.

At the same time, you should be aware that building a house takes many months, to over a year, for completion. There are many factors that can extend the entire process, including human error, harsh weather conditions, and delays in shipping. If you are not ready to deal with such delays, it might be a sign that building a house from the ground up is not for you.

[-] It Might Not Be Great for Family Life

One of the biggest downsides of a small house is that they lack living space, which means that they may not be suitable for larger families or people that prefer a lot of personal space. In addition to that, the floor plan of your farmhouse might come with less storage space than you are accustomed to, which might force you to downsize your belongings. It is definitely something that should be thought about before you start the actual building process.

There are many things that you need to take into consideration before you decide to build a small farmhouse. However, if you are willing to deal with potential complications and want to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, it seems like an excellent option.

If you are still feeling unsure, you might want to talk to a professional home builder or someone who has already built a farmhouse in the countryside. They should be able to answer any questions that you may have and help you resolve your doubts with ease!

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